Building A Talent Pipeline To Advanced Manufacturing

Our strategic partnerships with employers are the key to solving the manufacturing workforce challenges in Ohio and advancing collaborative, system-level solutions.

A Manufacturing Movement Powered By Partnership

By becoming an industry partner with Ohio TechNet, employers can be part of designing the future of state education policies, help eliminate barriers, and play a more significant role in building a pipeline of skilled workers.

Ohio TechNet is the backbone organization to revitalizing educational and employer partnerships while skilling up Ohioans. To meet the hiring needs of Ohio’s large, mid-sized and small manufacturers, we are committed to expanding and bolstering Ohio TechNet’s network of 500+ employer partners, capitalizing on regional contacts with an expanded network of community colleges. The cornerstone to our initiative is the further awarding and recognition of industry credentials statewide, which will result in Ohioans being able to get, keep and advance in present and future jobs, while ensuring manufacturers have confidence that students are completing training and education programs with the skills necessary to succeed.


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Individuals Earning Credentials (As Of 3/31/18)

Since our launch in 2014, Ohio TechNet has connected industry employers with educators to create more pathways for in-demand careers and robust workforce-ready talent pipeline in Ohio.

As employers continue to invest time, energy, and resources into helping shape and advance Ohio’s manufacturing workforce through our education and training partnership programs, we are actively seeking, and welcome, partners and funders to help achieve these goals.


Your engagement will result in:

  • More Ohioans prepared to provide the most in-demand skills needed by Ohio’s manufacturers
  • A pathway to prosperity as additional Ohioans are trained for family-sustaining manufacturing careers
  • Expanded industry engagement resulting in more people earning credentials that demonstrate they have the skills employers need
  • Expansion of apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs, pairing expert employees with eager trainees as a key solution to Ohio’s skills gap challenge


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We have partnered with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association and Skills Commons to create a portal of free training resources. The materials have been curated by Ohio manufacturers and community college faculty to bring the best-of-the-best content for your training program.


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The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association is leading efforts to create industry-led sector partnerships to address the critical workforce needs of employers and generate coordinated solutions that benefit businesses and workers. Sector partnerships facilitate collaboration among education, economic development, workforce development and industry partners to address workforce gaps.


Employer Partners

Below is a partial list of employers who are engaged with Ohio TechNet in various ways. Facets of employer engagement include (but are not limited to): Participation in program or curricular design; hosting of paid work experiences; sharing of data on openings, skills and credentials; provision of input on career pathways; giving consideration to program completers; hiring program completers; advisory panel participation; hosting of site tours; and Ohio Manufacturers Careers Council (OMCC) involvement. We appreciate our employer partners and the support they provide.