Penta Career Center

Since 1965, Penta Career Center has shaped the careers of more than 30,000 professionals. You, too, can benefit from Penta’s career-technical training. Penta prepares students for additional college, a career, the military, or wherever their paths may lead. In addition, students learn what is expected in the world of work.

VISION STATEMENT: Focus on being the best hands-on training /educational organization within our service area.

OUR MISSION: Penta Career Center is a high-performing school that provides:

  • Options and opportunities
  • Real-world learning
  • Partnership with business and industry
  • Productive citizens

OUR COMMITMENT: The staff at Penta is committed to:

  • Achieving excellence
  • Delivering results
  • Responding to our communities
  • Creating an environment for success

ADULT EDUCATION MISSION STATEMENT: To provide students with life-long learning directed toward their economic growth and personal enrichment in a rapidly changing world.


  • CNC Programming/Precision Machining: Learn precision measurement, operate mill/lathe, and become familiar with CNC programming and G code. (8 weeks)                                                         
  • Welding 1: Learn the basic skills and practice in ARC and Oxyacetylene cutting. (5 weeks)             
  • Welding 2: Learn advanced skills and practice in ARC and Oxyacetylene cutting along with an introduction to MIG welding. (5 weeks)                                                                                                     
  • Welding 3: Explore fabrication and other advanced techniques. (5 weeks)                                                       
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