WISE Pathways

Leading women forward

The Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways program is a FREE, open education resource that provides local providers access to a full suite of resources to provide this career exploration course for women considering a career in manufacturing or other skilled industries.

Designed to help women find their path to success, WISE Pathways offers a comprehensive 40-hour career exploration and workplace skills development program where women can:

  • Learn about career opportunities
  • Create personal career and education plans
  • Connect with a network of support for sustained success
  • Learn key career skills such as team building, workplace expectations, resume creation, interviewing skills and more

To better meet the needs of specific communities, WISE Pathways workshops are organized by local organizations with employers providing input into the curriculum, sharing information on in-demand jobs in their organization, providing Role Model Speakers, and more.

A diverse group of workers.

Looking for more information about WISE Pathways?

Explore the WISE Pathways website where you can learn more about WISE Pathways and access the interactive industry modules.


A diverse group of workers.

Ready to bring WISE Pathways to your community?

Access the full suite of WISE Pathways open education resources- including curriculum, facilitation guides, and action plans.


Contact director@hhwohio.org to connect with HHW Ohio who created the program and can provide implementation support.