National Network’s Hiring for Competency Guide

Have you found yourself looking for more information on how to incorporate a competency-based model of recruiting talent in your company? In this article we are providing the National Network/Burning Glass document that was written about Occupation Profiles for Competency-Based Job Descriptions. This work was written to support the recruitment and training of workers through the identification of key skills and certifications on a national level.

First of all, understanding the demand for specific roles will help companies identify the key competences required that are based on a broader employer demand. This is important because it can help you identify credentials requirements that are making jobs more difficult to fill then they really need to be. This has the added benefit of leading to the understanding of where roles can be more difficult to fill, which can indicate a shortage of talented workers in that area. By developing model job descriptions for positions based on the competencies required, you can gain an understanding of the impact of what specific skills will have on recruitment.

The distinguishing features of this guide can be listed as follows:

  • Job postings data will allow us to identify distinct roles based on the partiular skills they require, not just broad occupational categories.
  • Skill & credential analyses are based specifically on what employers demand in each labor market.


The entire report is organized into two primary sections:

Occupation Profiles

This tool provides a profile of each of the targeted occupations. Within each profile is overall demand, skill and certification requirements. Most noteworthy is that it details difficult to fill skills, education, and experience requirements. In addition, this section also provides example job postings that represent best practices in incorporating competency-based requirements.


Burning Glass also provides geopgrahic information for each of the occupations, through a series of maps that present views on demand, concentration, and difficult to fill roles across the country.

If you are interested in learning more then feel free to click on the link below to get access to the 155 page Hiring For Competency toolkit!

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