Ohio TechNet has grown from 47 initial employer partners to more than 240 employers who are interested in helping develop programs/provide on-the-job training/hire Ohio TechNet participants to fill the skills gap in Ohio. Industry engagement is key to the success of this initiative!


Manufacturing employers statewide are welcome to participate in the Ohio Manufacturing Careers Council which launched September 2015 with the support of LIFT, Ohio Department of Higher Education and Ohio TechNet. LIFT provided funds that will act as seed money to germinate a strategy toward the goal of how Ohio approaches preparing a skilled and educated workforce for the manufacturing sector.

The quality of our workforce is key to your success and growth in Ohio.  Industry leadership continues to be crucial to assisting our educational institutions in defining “quality” skills for manufacturing roles.  Ohio Manufacturing Careers Council  currently has three work teams:


  • Image and Marketing
  • Education and  Skills
  • Product Commercialization