Our Mission

Ohio TechNet works to solve the manufacturing skills gap.

In Ohio, thousands of manufacturing jobs are going unfilled. Talent is being recognized as a major barrier to growth and an aging workforce creates an ever-growing challenge.

Manufacturing in Ohio has some common problems that have a common solution:

  1. Ohio Manufacturers are competing in a global market, which means they must find a globally qualified workforce.
  2. Furthermore, technically minded individuals are looking for challenging careers with family-supporting wages that they can start today.
  3. Many students have a negative perception of careers in manufacturing fields.

Ohio TechNet provides a solution to these problems!

Our  Mission

Ohio TechNet is a driving force in the development of technical programs. As a result, we always strive to be the conduit between education, industry, and the workforce. This is because we intend to fill the manufacturing skills gap that exists in Ohio Today.


Our Vision

Ohio TechNet works in step with community colleges across Ohio to establish and endorse programs and practices. The results of which develop necessary skill sets needed to enter and compete in Ohio’s Manufacturing job market. In addition, by working with manufacturers, educators, and students we expect to:

  • expand access to job-driven training for advanced manufacturing
  • transform the way which higher education works with employers
  • increase the percentage of workers in transition who have heightened awareness and exposure to careers available in manufacturing
  • strengthen the pipeline of qualified workers entering manufacturing careers
  • reduce manufacturing skills shortages
  • build a demand-driven structure to guide manufacturing workforce priorities


Manufacturing in Ohio accounts for 17% of the total state output.

$98.69 Billion

Total Output


Total Manufacturing Employees


Average Compensation (2013)


Recognition on The Manufacturing Institute’s M-List

Many of our partner colleges are recognized on the Manufacturing Institutes’ M-List. This acknowledges that these schools are teaching manufacturing students to industry standards. Consequently, these colleges offer their students the opportunity to earn a NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification as a standard part of their manufacturing education program.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Cuyahoga Community College
Eastern Gateway Community College
Lakeland Community College
Lorain County Community College
Rhodes State College
Sinclair Community College
Stark State College
Zane State College

Background on TAACCCT Grants

The TAACCCT initiative is key to solving the nation’s skills gaps. Ohio TechNet is a part of this grant program, which is a multi year $2 billion investment in community colleges. The most noteworthy task of TAACCCT partners is to expand training programs for transitioning adults, especially veterans, and the under-employed who have been impacted by foreign trade.

Ohio TechNet’s Focus Areas

CNC Machining


Digital Fabrication

Digital Fabrication/Industrial Automation

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance


Occupational Safety