LIFT Robotic Blacksmithing Competition

Oct 19, 2016 | National Models |

To encourage students to develop the skills they need to become innovators and future manufacturing leaders, LIFT, through its Agile and Low-Cost Processing Pillar, has teamed with the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) at The Ohio State University to initiate the LIFT Prize in Robotic Blacksmithing, a student competition using agile processing principles. The competition combines outreach to students, engagement with emerging cutting-edge technologies, employers working directly with students, prizes, and national recognition for the winning teams.

Merging the ancient skills of blacksmithing with the digital age of robotics, LIFT – Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow and Ohio State University have created the LIFT Robotic Blacksmithing Competition.

Students from around the country are being challenged to program robots to make useable object shapes, instead of a human blacksmith forming them by hammering, bending and twisting. To meet state goals and industry needs, Ohio TechNet is encouraging partner colleges to participate in LIFT’s Robotic Blacksmithing Competition as this creative team event focuses on developing technologies that relate to the high-need area of Digital Fabrication/Industrial Automation, a key focus area for Ohio TechNet.


First Prize Winners Will Receive at Least This Amount + Recognition


Second Prize Winners Will Receive at Least This Amount + National Recognition


Third Prize Winners Will Receive at Least This Amount + National Recognition

Expected Outcomes

LIFT and OSU are hoping to inspire a young group of innovators by drawing on the common history of our ancestors. By emulating blacksmiths, we can introduce a third realm of manufacturing that has not been automated up until now. So far we have had additive and subtractive manufacturing which will increase or remove the amount of metal or material in a product. Blacksmiths would instead rely on a transformative process which takes an existing product and manipulates it into something new. By working together, the students will develop and demonstrate this new robotically-controlled way of making things.

The competition will forge these students into powerful innovators. More importantly, students will experience growth and challenges that will illuminate the links between doing and innovation – boosting their skills, spirit, and pride by pushing the envelope on an entirely new technology.

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