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Ohio manufacturers face many challenges in recruiting and retaining talent.  Ohio TechNet is focused on addressing Ohio’s skills gap by developing accelerated manufacturing training programs for transitioning adults. As a statewide consortium of 18 community colleges and one university350 employers, and workforce partners from 71 counties and the State of Ohio, our priority is working with manufacturers to train the workforce of tomorrow.

Our Impact

We are capitalizing on the great work that is underway nationally and regionally. Are interested in launching a new program?  Employers, would you like information regarding on-the-job training models?  The link below provide insight into Ohio TechNet as we strive to solve the Manufacturing skills gap in Ohio.

Success Stories


TRAIN (Training & Recruitment Accelerated Innovation Network) OH blends schools and work into a 21st century earn and learn hybrid activity where companies and educators integrate efforts in both space and time.


Our Mission


Ohio TechNet is designed to transform the way in which higher education works with employers and workforce partners to better align industry needs with education and training for Advanced Manufacturing in Ohio.

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The Ohio TechNet consortium consists of 350+ employers, 18 community colleges, and one university partnering with workforce agencies that collectively provide services reaching 71 of Ohio’s 88 counties. Most consortium colleges are recognized on the Manufacturing Institute’s M-List, demonstrating that they are teaching manufacturing students to industry standards.

Gears Turning



Ohio TechNet has grown from 47 initial employer partners to more than 350+ employers who are interested in helping develop programs/provide on-the-job training/hire Ohio TechNet participants to fill the skills gap in Ohio. Industry engagement is key to the success of this initiative!


Manufacturing employers statewide are welcome to participate in the Ohio Manufacturing Careers Council which launched September 2015 with the support of LIFT, Ohio Department of Higher Education and Ohio TechNet. Interested in learning more?  Contact ohiotechnet@lorainccc.edu

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If you have any questions about educational programs, certifications, employer listings, or becoming a part of the Consortium please feel free to contact us!

Ohio TechNet’s Focus Areas

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